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We understand that you have other things to do!

Implementing your turnkey 10,000 Steps USA workplace challenge wonʼt have you under ʻmouse arrestʼ for months on end. It is an intuitive, streamlined process that could have your workplace ready to walk within 4 to 6 weeks.

We’ve created a workplace challenge of such implementation ease that it does the planning for you – because we understand you have other things to do!

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5 tips for a successful workplace challenge

1. Have a plan – before setting your challenge start date, consider the size of your workplace. Select a challenge start date that allows you to comfortably manage the registration and promotion of the event.

2. Communicate – talk, talk talk. Try to make your 10,000 steps workplace challenge as viral as possible. Use the downloadable PDF posters, e-flyers and sample broadcast email text to spread the word. Youʼll find all of these in your Coordinatorʼs Downloadable Resources widget.

3. Encourage staff members to volunteer to be team captain – this is a huge help when it comes to building teams. Life as a Team Captain is no sweat.

4. Customise your website and challenge – upload your company logo, customise your leaderboards and the Log Walk Panel, and create virtual trophies.

5. Familiarise yourself with the Coordinatorʼs dashboard and the pre-challenge checklist which is created by a similar timeline as the one above.

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